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May 29

Odysseus Nudged: Some more thoughts

Odysseus and the Sirens

I wrote a piece for Big Think that came out on Monday and there were some additional thoughts that I wanted to share that didn’t make it into the original article. If you’ve already read the piece, then thank you – if you haven’t, you can read it here: Odysseus Nudged: How Limiting Our Choices Can Give Us More Freedom. Most of these ideas came up in a phone conversation I had with George Loewenstein in preparing to write the story; it was his article in the New York Daily News is what got me thinking about some of these ideas.

Aug 10

The Psychology of Soda Bans

Will Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on large soda cups work? The New Yorker’s James Surowiecki gives us some compelling reasons to believe that it will, but there is also a case to be made that it could backfire.