About the Blog

Random Assignment is an evolving effort to discuss how social psychology can contribute to the understanding of our lives, our world, and current events. My goal is to provide perspective on the implications of new findings, as well as to shine a light on past research. I also hope to provide some insights from inside the psychology laboratory, with discussions and interviews with current researchers. I am looking forward to seeing how the blog evolves and I hope that it is not only informative, but can also help generate discussion on important topics in the field of social psychology and beyond.

About Me

I grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia (Go Canucks!) and after over a decade of wandering around I have settled in Chicago with my wonderful wife, Jane, and son, Benjamin. I graduated from Yale with majors in Ethics, Politics, and Economics, and Psychology, and I got my PhD in Social Psychology at Stanford working with Claude Steele and Carol Dweck. After a year of post-doctoral research at the University of Waterloo with Steve Spencer, I moved to Chicago and I am currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science at the Booth School of Business  at the University of Chicago (link to faculty page).


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